The Washington Guild of Goldsmiths

is a non-profit organization whose members share an interest in metalsmithing, jewelry design and related arts. Started in 1978, its purpose is to provide a means for the exchange of information and ideas as well as educational opportunities for its members and the public.

WGG Monthly Meetings

Held on the Third Tuesday of each month 7:00-9:00PM at VisArts 155 Gibbs Street Rockville MD 20850. Meet and share with people who work with metal. Exchange ideas and learn new techniques. Topics vary from month to month. Click here for directions to VisArts

If YOU have an idea for a 3rd Tuesday event – please let Nick know, so we can start the ball rolling!
Nick Grant Barnes, 3rd Tuesday Coordinator –
(301) 641-1503.

February: Biennial Show Information

Every WGG member looks forward to the Guild’s biennial show, METALWORK. It happens again in Nov 1-29, 2014, Jurying March 4th, and here is the information available so far.

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We will be setting up Metalwork 2014 during the last week in October 27th – 31st. We need folks handy with a screw gun; level; wrench and a wee bit of muscle. At present there is only one person, who knows the ropes for show set up. So, we need to get at least one, ideally two more, to learn the procedure for future shows. If you can commit to one to two days/evenings during the last week of October, please contact Nick 301-641-1503 for more details.


Now that the excitement of the jurying is completed, we will have nearly 50 participants in our METALWORK 2014! Tremendous thanks to Marla Rudnick- Head of Take-in/ Pick-up ( and her team of volunteers, Take-In and Pick-up went smoothly and efficiently! Thanks so very much!
For many, many years, Nick Barnes has generously handled the set up and displays for our previous biennial shows. As noted above, he is asking for help, AND looking to share his experience with other willing members. Please respond to him as soon as possible.

The site of our METALWORK 2014 SHOW at Gallery B in Bethesda will be a beautiful show!
You can still help out if you have the interest. Puneet Goyal- Head of Publicity ( is open to all suggestions for publicity avenues. Jan Maddox- Head of Advertising in our Catalogue—Needs Help!!! She needs either help contacting perspective advertising buyers or contacts of businesses with which you do business. Please contact Jan to find out how you can help ( Tyler Kulenguski, VP and Show Chair, has set up an ONLINE CALENDAR so we can easily sign up to support and “sit” the Show. Please contact Tyler for specifics on signing up Tyler at 1-800-HELP-TY, or at home at 703-978-3435. The Guild is fortunate to have talented, hard-working volunteers; every effort is truly appreciated and contributes to our collective success through the Guild Show. Please volunteer and call.

Workshop Schedule

Periodic workshops and lectures in technical and aesthetic aspects of metalwork and design, as well as in other areas of concern such as marketing. Offered throughout the year and conducted by outstanding teachers, artists and craft professionals from all over the country. Click here for directions to VisArts.

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Membership Information

The Guild is a cooperative association whose members’ skills, energy and enthusiasm promote its successful programs. We welcome new members who share our goals.
Membership, open to all, is accepted throughout the year. Annual dues, payable each January for the calendar year, are:

  • $30 individual
  • $20 full time student
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Recent Newsletters

Publication of a Newsletter with information and articles of interest to Guild Members.
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Metalwork Catalog

The 2012 Member show exhibited juried work by 51 members of the Guild. The show was held at VisArts 155 Gibbs Street Rockville MD 20850 from Nov 2-25, 2012.

Catalog of previous shows